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Every 12 years, all memories are erased -- both good and bad. Except for Nadia's. And, she must keep this a secret.

The book opens with the spectacular irony of sparseness, as if we were awakening after a Forgetting. We're then pulled expertly along into a vividly-described world with urgency as Nadia pieces together the clues she discovers.

With bravery, courage, and a stand-up-for-what's-right attitude, quiet Nadia is forced to examine herself -- where she's been, where she wants to be and how exactly she'll get there.

This books makes you question the importance of memories, the significance of family and love, and the gravity of authority.

Join Nadia on her journey of self-discovery while entrenched in the deliberately-paced, engrossing and thrilling world of The Forgetting. You won't be able to put this one down.

— Kristen Gilligan, Co-owner, Tattered Cover

Sharon Cameron tests human memories and love in the dystopian society found in The Forgetting. In a society where everyone forgets who they are and what they love every twelve years, Nadia seems to be the only person who remembers. As she blocks herself off from feeling too much, she falls in love with the charismatic boy, Gray. Together they work to discover the truth about themselves and The Forgetting. The romance, suspense, and relatability of this book made it a must read that I couldn't put down.

— Katie, TC Teen Advisory Board

Everyone forgets. But Nadia remembers. What she doesn't know is just how much that fact can be used against her. Cameron delivers a thrilling novel full of marvelous surprises! I loved it. 

— Sam, Tattered Cover

"I enjoyed the plot twists and the world created. The ending was perfectly ambiguous: the story could have a sequel or stand alone, but I'm hoping for the former."

"Good characters and world-building elevate The Forgetting above a cliché plot and healthy serving of YA tropes."

— Students at Jefferson Academy Secondary in Broomfield, CO

The Forgetting tells the story of a quiet heroine, Nadia. From outside the walls of Canaan lies the unknown, and the Forgetting has cemented the cities isolation. But Nadia may be able to save it. She may hold the key to remembering. In this modern epic we see the strength of a silent rebellion, and the effect it has on a city. Sharon Cameron weaves words into a story you won't want to forget. 

— Jacob, Tattered Cover Teen Advisory Board member

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ISBN: 9781509412495
ISBN-10: 1509412492
Publisher: Scholastic
Publication Date: September 13th, 2016
Language: English