Ansible: Rasha's Letter (Paperback)

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Rasha is a Syrian refugee fleeing war with her infant son. Sahira is a time-traveling, shapeshifting hijabi defender of humanity. Both time-travel thriller and love story, this riveting addition to the Ansible saga takes you from the dust and despair of bombed-out cities and poisoned land to the weird, wondrous apparitions that can transform a planet's future.

Ansible: Rasha's Letter is the opening episode of Ansible: Season 3.


"Stant Litore may be SF's premiere poet of loneliness." - Jason Kirk, author of Reverb and The Other Whites in South Africa

"Litore's stories aren't only entertaining. They are stories invading our lives, unexpectedly. You encounter them, as you might encounter people. They are those random elements in life that happen to you, like a mugging, like childbirth, like falling in love and marriage, like death and the funeral that follows. They are moments that leave a mark, and leave you changed." - Andrew Hallam, Ph.D., Metropolitan State University of Denver

"Stant eloquently writes passages that are so moving, full of passion, fury, loneliness, blind drive ... He takes us to places of amazing beauty, awe-inspiring, as well as places where the implications in the story can leave you almost in despair for the human race." - Nikki Ebright, Director, Myths & Legends Con

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ISBN: 9781942458272
ISBN-10: 1942458274
Publisher: Westmarch Publishing
Publication Date: April 4th, 2017
Pages: 50
Language: English