Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does Pending mean?

  • Pending means we have received your order. We are looking into the quickest way to fulfill your order: from our shelves, from our distributor, or a combination of the two.

What is the average time to fulfill an order?

  • Whenever possible SHIPPING ORDERS are fulfilled direct from a national network of Distribution Warehouses.  We no longer require to bring all books through our central processing center in Denver.  Orders fulfilled in this way generally ship around 24 hours after the order is placed.  This method can dramatically reduce fulfillment times especially to our many out-of-state customers.  
  • Direct fulfillment from the warehouse is only possible when an order is paid for by credit card and no other stipulations are attached (such as gift wrap or personal messages).  In addition ALL items in the orders must be available from a single warehouse.  
  • All OTHER orders are processed daily in our facility in Denver, Colorado.  During periods of exceptional demand it may take several days to process an order.  
  • We may have to request certain items from our distributor.  We would expect to receive these items in about four to seven days. 
  • Items on backorder may take substantially longer to arrive.  We will endeavor to warn you in the event of substantial delay. 

What does 1-10 day shipping mean?

  • Books are shipped by USPS Media Mail unless otherwise instructed.   Delivery times vary according to distance and overall mail volumes.  Accordingly, our best estimate for the "lower 48" is 1 - 10 days from ship date to delivery.

Your website said the book is in stock at your store. Why isn't my order ready?

  • Filling orders is not an automated process and shelf copies may be snapped up by another customer before they can be physically matched to an order.  A replacement copy may take several days to arrive. 

I never received an email telling me the status of my order.

  • An auto-response is generated the moment an order arrives but sometimes it is swallowed by an over-zealous SPAM filter.   If in doubt, pass a message to our Webstore at books@tatteredcover.com.  One of our booksellers will respond. 

I have several gift cards I want to use for my order but the ordering system only allows me to put in one card.

  • Never fear!  Enter the additional card numbers in the MEMO field and we will do the needful.  It is an endearing feature of our website that lets us perform this task by hand. 

Can I pay by Credit Card and Gift Card on the same order?

  • Absolutely.  You can EITHER save credit card details and enter the Gift Card as the primary method of payment--be sure to tell us what you've done in the MEMO field-- OR enter your credit card and provide Gift Card details separately with instructions to use first.  

What does backordered mean?

  • If the distributor has put an item on backorder, that means they are waiting for the publisher to print more copies of the book. As such, it may take a bit longer to get to us. Sometimes, the distributor puts an estimated date on their website, but unfortunately, that's not always guarenteed. Sometimes the publisher decides not to print more copies, making the book out of print and unavailable for us to order. If that happens, we will contact you to let you know your book is out of print and unable to be ordered.

How will I know when my order is ready for pick-up?

  • Keep an eye on your email. Customers are notified via email when a book(s) arrive for the order. It will also state whether it is  a partial or complete order. Make sure to check your spam or junk folder for any emails reguarding your order.

I cancelled my order and don't see a refund on my credit card.

  • We AUTHORISE your credit card when your order is received but we do not CHARGE your card until the order is processed. Many credit card companies show a "pending" charge on your card for this authorization.  If an order is cancelled the authorisation flies of and the pending charge disappears. No refund is necessary.  Cancellation may take a day or two to show on your statement.  

I only received one book. Why was I charged for the whole order?

  • If you placed an order online, we capture the money for the whole order at once, when the first part of your order is processed. 

Are you accepting used books right now?

  • Please contact our Aspen Grove store for details.  We are gradually replenishing our stores with used stock.   

What's the status of your Local Author Consignment Program?

  • Unfortunately, due to the health crisis, our local author program has been suspended. We will be sure to update our website when we reinstate the program.

Are you selling magazines?

  • Unfortunately, due to the health crisis, we are not selling magazines. We hope to return to selling magazines later in the year.

Can I purchase used or bargain books on your website?

  • At this time, used books and bargain books can only be purchased in store.

My question isn't on this page. Who can I contact?