In-Store Fundraisers

Expand the book fair horizon: Have a book fair in our store!

 For more information or to schedule an In-Store Fundraiser, please contact: Kristen Gilligan

What is an In-Store Fundraiser?

In-Store Fundraisers are a fun and easy way to get kids excited about reading while raising funds for your school or non-profit organization! It’s very little work on the school’s behalf and has powerful benefits. Our fundraisers offer you a great opportunity to bring students, families, teachers, and staff together to raise funds for your school or organization.

On a designated day, the school or organization’s supporters will come shop at one of our Tattered Cover locations. All of their purchases will be tallied and a percentage of those sales will be credited back to your school or non-profit organization. It is also a time to highlight your students' achievements! We ask that all schools host an evening at event at our store the day of their fundraiser. Trust us, you will be glad that you did!

Who is eligible?

Any school or non-profit organization working towards education or literacy is eligible to host a fundraiser. There is a maximum of two events per calendar year.

Why hold an In-Store Fundraiser?

  • An easy, fun way to gets kids reading and involved, while raising money for your school.
  • It’s a great opportunity to bring students, their families, teachers, staff together socially in a safe, fun, unique environment, while raising funds for the school or organization.
  • Having this event at our bookstore allows students and their families to choose from our entire stock, rather than a selection when the event is held at the school.
  • As this event takes place in our bookstore, instead of having parents and teacher volunteers, our bookstore staff is available to you. You get their knowledge and friendly customer service.
  • Your would-be volunteers can now enjoy the event.
  • It’s considered a “destination event,” which means you have the opportunity to work with other neighboring businesses to create a convenient and fun day or evening. Partner with a restaurant so families coming in the evening can go home afterwards having dinner all done.
  • There’s free parking (Aspen Grove and Colfax locations) and free gift-wrapping.

*Please note that we can accommodate dates through the first week in December only, due to the holidays. 

Please read our PDF on In-Store Fundraisers. It has all the details, guidelines, suggestions, and more. Calendars fill up quickly, so be sure to get your In-Store Fundraiser on our calendar now!

 For more information or to schedule an In-Store Fundraiser, please contact: Kristen Gilligan