Love Letters to Authors








Here at the Tattered Cover, every day is a love affair with authors and stories of every genre, and in honor of that, we are dedicating the month of February to the authors we love. 

Throughout the month we will be sharing letters written by our staff and booksellers to express their respect, adoration and affection for the writers who have lifted them up, inspired them, and propelled them down the path to becoming the wonderful and passionate bibliophiles they are today. 

These letters just scratch the surface of the breadth and depth of our love the books on our shelves and the people who pen them, but we hope you will enjoy this small sampling of our love. 

Authors, this February is for you.

Love Letters to Authors from 2019

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Love Letters to Authors from 2018

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Love Letters to Authors from 2017

Love Letter to Jeff Zentner

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Love Letter to Hunter S. Thompson

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Love Letter to Vladimir Nabokov

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